WSSCC 2023-2024 Annual Prize Giving Results

Superstocks: 2023/2024

Heats, 1st Overall: Wayne Slater 77H

Feature, 2nd Overall: Thomas Slater 7H

3rd Overall: Ethan Whittaker 88H

Most Improved: Chloe Burley 41H

Best Presented:  Pollock Cranes Race Team

Stockcars 2023/2024:

Heats, Feature, 1st Overall: Brett Aikin 27H

2nd Overall: Justin Hutchby 88H

3rd Overall: Michael Rowe 67H

Most Improved: Jayden Dreadon 32H

Rookie of the Year: ashlee Morton 19H

Saloons 2023/2024:

Heats, 1st Overall: Thomas Zein 12H

Feature, 2nd Overall: Dan Hickman 81H    

3rd Overall, Best Presented: Ryan Hancock 98H

Production Saloons 2023/2024:

Heats, 1st Overall: Mark Levin 25H

Feature, 2nd Overall: Dylan Sherman 27H

3rd Overall: Vaughan Glidden 6H

Fastest Lap: Dylan Sherman 27H  17.925

Most Improved:  Graeme Dodd 85H

Modified: 2023/2024

Heats, Feature, 1st Overall: Bradley Lane 119H/1NZ

2nd Overall: Samantha Lane 199H

3rd Overall=: Brett Parson 69H Scott Redfern 96H

Most Improved: Barry Hunter 53H

Club Trophies 2023-2024.

Presidents Trophy: Tracy Jones, Fiona Wallbank, Annette Hutchby, Gaylene Himona

Personality of the Year: Samantha Lane

Jake Pulman Memorial: Tracy Jones

Competitor of the Year: Brad Lane

Outstanding Achiever: Waikato Raiders

Dick of the Year: Gaylene Himona

Stirrer of the Year: Jamie Symons 13H

Hard Luck Award: Ethan Attenborough 43H

2023-2024 Waikato Raiders Team Members

Josh Humble, Hamish Whyte, Larry Henderson

Jamie Symons, James Marshall, Brad Philpott

Brett Aikin, Jayden Dreadon, Matt Shaw

Justin Hutchby, William Whyte, Kasey Cheetham

Clinton Cheetham, Michael Rowe, Samuel Murray

Manager: Lance Moore and Justin Hutchby

Raiders Recognition Award (Up and Coming Raider): William Whyte

Raider of the Year:  Matt Shaw

2023-2024 Waikato Wanderers Team Members

Tony Wootton, Logan Mabey-Nicolson, Robbie Mabey

Matt Jarvis, Luke Irvine, Tyson Wootton

Mark Dunn, Clinton Cheetham, Ethan Whittaker

Management: Dave Kirton, Kris Allen, Jared Wade, Ammaron Brodhurst


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