Ministock Report:
Well, what a year we’ve all had Championships a plenty , more than our fair share of rain ,causing a lot of changes to the meetings and cancelations for all of the clubs and extra headaches for the various committees and clubs, well done to everyone and what you were able to achieve.
The Ministock class ended with great results for a selection of drivers.
Stockcar and Ministock best pair winners were.
1st 98H Jake Hancock & 57H Luke Ross 2nd57H Madi Putt & 27H Brett Aitken
3rd 41H Chloe Burley & 4H Josh Humble
Overall, Points Winners were.
1st 41H Chloe Burley 2nd 717H Levi Jones 3rd 19h Aidan Tidd
Congratulations and well done to you all , roll on next season.
We say goodbye to Chloe, Leo, Kacey , Logan ,CeeJay ,Blake, Chase & Ella. With some of you going onto Stockcars, and Superstock classes great to see you move on to the next.
Next Season We are starting off with a very healthy class expecting 11 new drivers to join us bringing our numbers up to 32. Here looking forward to a great year making new friends , cheering everyone on and seeing some good clean driving from you all.
Helen Dreadon


4H  Rhys Hinton
5H  Regan Le -Cheminant
8H  Kobe Morgan
12H Brodey Halse
14H Taylor Bryant
19H Aidan Tidd
23H Blair Hume
31H Sophie Williams
33H Jaimee Burley
35H Reece Fraser
43H Alexander Wood
45H Cassie Turner
46H Noah Britton
52H Jack Hardgrave
53H Lewis Hutchins
54H Briah Keighley
57H Madison-Mae Putt
61H Kasey Running
69H Rhys Nelson
71H Rhys Jones
74H Riley Mathieson
78H Tom Langwell
79H Jayden Andersen
84H Preston Wade
88H Caleb Millar
98H Jake Hancock
99H Connor Tidd
117H Corey Mathieson
232H Lucas Baldwin
279H Skyla Andersen
616H Archie Webster
717H Levi Jones

Helen Dreadon

Ministock Rep

Phone: 021 292 6589


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