Huntly Ministock Drivers 2021
2020/21 Huntly Ministock Drivers at their prizegiving – Blastacars Hamilton.

This year our prize giving was held at Blastacars in Hamilton a fun day was had with the drivers mixing it up with the parents on the track. The three drivers had a great season finishing very close in Points and swapping around.

Huntly Ministocks 2021 Champions
Overall Season Points
1st Greg Capper-Conijn
2nd Jayden Dreadon-Manning
3rd Aryton Hodson
Huntly Ministocks 2021 Best Pairs
Best Pairs our first time running a competition based on combined points from the stockcar driver and a ministock driver
1st 8H Larry Henderson and 28h Aryton Hodson
2nd 13H Jamie Symons and 97H Jayden Dreadon-Manning
3rd 97H Kacey Cheetham and 62H Riley Kendall

In the 2020/21 Season, we paired the Ministock drivers with a Stockcar mentor and the points were paired together for the season. This gives the Ministock Drivers an opportunity to couple up with an experienced campaigner and work together in a combined class championship. This was really well received and such a success that we will be doing it again this season.

With a close to the 2020/21 season, we had 6 drivers ageing out 3 of them are heading into stockcars and 1 into a six-shooter. We wish you well in your step up in your speedway careers and look forward to seeing you moving through your respective fields.


7H Ella Caulfield
11H Kayden Barker
19H Aidan Tidd
25H Samira Bedingham
26H Khowen Kendall
37H Jesse McKenna
43H CeeJay Attenborough
41H Chole Burley
43H Ceejay Attenborough
44H Logan Baker
46H Noah Britton
57H Madi Putt
61H Kasey Running
62H Riley Kendall
71H Chase Jones
85H Kacy Wade
88H Ethan Whittaker
94H Ethan Williams
142H Monique Gribble
291H Lulu Russell
616H Archie Webster
717H  Levi Jones

New Drivers to Huntly in Red


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Ministock Rep

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