Well, it looks like a busy Championship season for the W.S.S.C.C. and the Huntly International Speedway and one of the classes supporting this season is the Productions Saloons.

The Production Saloons are back with fairly good numbers even though we have lost a few from last season, we have gained a few newbies.

6H Vaughan Giddens has his car up for sale and won’t be back this season. Also missing from last year’s line-up is 33H Tyler Wright and 17H Dylan Sherman although we should see Dylan back as a visitor with an R on the side of the car.

8H Korina Martin is back and ready to race and was ever-improving throughout the season so expect her to be pretty pacey this season.

Team Warrender is back with 14H Wayne & 11H Annemarie, but rumour has it that Annemarie will be taking the lead this season with Wayne possibly taking a break from racing. Let’s hope that we see them both back this season.

13H Torrin Campbell joins the Class as a new Competitor this season. Welcome Torrin.

1st of the Subaru’s, Chris Marks 15H is back after a break from racing. Chris was starting to finish towards the pointy end of the field before his last season’s end.

25H Mark Levin would have had to be last seasons biggest improver with some great racing and excellent results going his way. I’m sure the 25H Prelude will be quicker than ever

33h Xavier Martin is back in that beautifully prepared BA Falcon, Xavier was a standout last season and an ever-improving performer right through last season.

2nd Of the Subaru’s 35H Steve Clout is back also after a season off. Steve is looking forward to some good hard racing.

42H Lance Gribble in the screaming beamer makes a return leading the RWD boys against the hoard of FWD machines. Lance is always a front runner but how often we will see Lance is unsure as daughter Monique’s racing will take precedent this season.

43H Ivan Flynn, the flying Irishman gets better and better every time he hits the track so look out for some great results from Ivan in his Lexus.

48H Dave Pilkington, Mr Consistent will be back. Flying around the track as he does. Dave’s is one of the class’s longest-serving competitors, still showing the rest of us how it’s done.

83H Graeme Dodd is a new Competitor this season with his Commodore joining the RWD ranks.

99H Stephen Hayman. Another long time Competitor who has picked up some great results over the past couple of Seasons. Racing just wouldn’t be the same without Stephen peddling his big FWD Mitsi.

115H Trinny Short peddles the beautiful looking RX8, her results were a bit mixed last season but look out for the RX8 This season.

The season for the Production Saloons kicks off on Opening Night with the Waikato Production Saloon Champs.


8H Korina Martin
11h Annemarie Warrender
13H Torrin Campbell
14H Wayne Warrender
15H Chris Marks
22H Xavier Martin
25H Mark Levin
35H Steve Clout
42H Lance Gribble
43H Ivan Flynn
48H Dave Pilkington
85H Graeme Dodd
99H Stephen Hayman
115H Trinny Short

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