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Stockcars – Club Night 27 Nov 2021

A smaller field this week for a club night, with more tracks running around the upperNorth Island, a 13 of Huntly cars, and visitors Auckland registered, but Waikato resident cars 8A Logan Peat, 51A and 52A Alistair and Sam Van Amsterdam Race 1 It was 16H James Marshall and 361H Clinton Cheetham off the front

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Huntly Stockcars - The Cornerstone of Speedway

Stockcars always manage to pull in a crowd whenever there is a big event, not as fast as their big brothers the Superstocks, but the action can sometimes be more entertaining.

Every meeting usually draws large fields with good numbers of local Huntly cars, and no shortage of out of town cars keen to join in the fun.

Last season the overall points battle went down to the wire, resulting in a quite entertaining final night with several tactics in play. 27H Brett Aikin coming out on top as club champion but only by 1 point from 361H Clinton Cheetham. 88H Justin Hutchby took the 3rd overall. 422H Dylan Ashton would have also been right up there but missed one meeting to give his father a skid in the car.

The two big meetings this season will be the Waikato champs, and the Hazelton Memorial meeting. Last season the George Hazelton trophy was claimed by an outsider for the first time ever, 8A Logan Peat, so this meeting will be one to watch as the Huntly cars wouldn’t want this to happen again.

88H Justin Hutchby has stated he will be going for the stirrers award this season, so will be one to watch throughout the year.

Who will be going for the overall points this season? With Aikin and Cheetham in the running again, will Ashton go for it this year? Also one to watch will be 5H Ryan Marshall, a successful ex-ministock driver jumped into the stockcar at the end of the last season and showed he can handle that just as well, so will be one to watch this year. 8H Larry Henderson, if luck goes his way could do it as he was the feature winner last season. 24H Brad Philpott, will he stir or run? With a competitive car now he is capable of both. 922H Hayden Hepworth is always a consistent runner too, but came in for a bit of attention on the final night last season.

We also have several new drivers joining the ranks this year, so who knows what hidden talent will emerge!


4H Josh Humble
7H Hamish Whyte
8H Larry Henderson
14H Greg Capper-Conijn
16H James Marshall
24H Brad Philpott
27H Brett Aikin
32H Jayden Dreadon-Manning
43H Ethan Attenborough
45H Matthew Shaw
47H Mark Johnson
57H Justin Vincent
67H Michael Rowe
68H Bevan Nelson
79H Norman Andersen
88H Justin Hutchby
97H Kacey Cheetham
99H William Whyte
361H Clinton Cheetham

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