Garage 16 NZ Modified Championship 2023

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Aaron Lewis & Vince Jagers Championship Sponsors

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       Friday 10th & Saturday 11th  March 2023 

2022/23 NZ Modified Champs



Qualifying to find the Top 20 cars who will contest the NZ Modified Championship title. Computer Software will create random Grid Draws for the 15 Heat Races.


Race Format. Drivers will be SPLIT into 6 groups depending on entries received. These will be seeded by the Promotion. Each group will Race 5 Heats,  Friday 3 Heats x 12 Laps and Saturday 2 Heats x 12 Laps for accumulated points.


Grid Positions on Friday for Heat One will be a marble draw.

Points will be awarded from 20 points for 1st, 19 points for 2nd and so on down.

Heat 1- A v B            Heat 2. A v C               Heat 3. B v C

  C v E                         B v F                            A v D

  D v F                         D v E                            E v F

Grids positions for Saturday nights heats will be:

Heat 4. B v D             Heat 5. B v E

A v E                            C v D

C v F                            A v F


The Top 16 points scorers from all entries will qualify for the Championship Final of 30 Laps.

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