Huntly Modifieds Rolling Start

November 27 – Club Night

It was so good to see all your smiling faces again. Also to hear the rumble and the smell of the Race Cars.

Seeing the kids rolling down the banks and having fun just topped it off.

So we are going to do it all again this coming weekend. Club Night on the 27th of November 2021.

Pit Gates will open at 4pm. Public Gate at 5pm and Dirt Flies at 7pm.
$15 per Adult
$10 Child

This Club Meeting will open to all Classes and all Drivers in Level 2 Areas. COVID 19 Level 2 guidelines will be enforced.
Please follow all rules and guidelines so we can all stay safe and enjoy our 2021/2022 race season.
– You Must Scan our COVID tracer app or COVID tracer logbook.
– Stay 1 metre apart.
– We encourage you to wear a face covering.
– Avoid congregating or gathering at entrances or in small, shared spaces such as the bathroom.
– Stay home if you are unwell or if you have been asked to isolate.
– Follow the venue’s safety measures and stay in your Bubbles.

Thank you to all of our Fans, Drivers, Crew and Volunteers that attended our venue on Saturday and abiding by our Rules and Guidelines.

You are all fantastic people.

Drivers please contact your Reps to register to run.

Classes Running are:

  • Superstocks
  • Stockcars
  • Ministocks
  • Production Saloons
  • Modifieds.
  • Saloons now taken off the program for the 27th.

WSSCC Committee

Drivers Lists for 27th November


  • 7H Ella Caulfield
  • 11H Kayden Barker
  • 11R Jack Cunningham
  • 19H Aidan Tidd
  • 15R Ben Cooper
  • 26H Khowen Kendall
  • 29R Megan Pinder
  • 41H Chole Burley
  • 53M Caleb Hutchins
  • 57H Madi Putt
  • 61H Kasey Running
  • 62H Riley Kendall
  • 71H Chase Jones
  • 71R Cody Harford
  • 85H Kacy Wade
  • 88H Ethan Whittaker
  • 94 H Ethan Williams
  • 291H Lulu Russell
  • 616H Archie Webster
  • 717H Levi Jones

Production Saloons

  • 22H Xavier Martin
  • 23H Dylan Attwood
  • 25H Mark Levin
  • 39H Charlotte Martin
  • 43H Ivan Flynn
  • 83H Graeme Dodd
  • 99H Stephen Hayman


  • 4H Paul Hodson
  • 37A Michael Welch (Waikato)
  • 68H Cody Hata
  • 69H Brett Parsons
  • 78H Mike Harrison
  • 119H Brad Lane
  • 193H Syd Ferguson


  • 4H Josh Humble
  • 7H Hamish Whyte
  • 8A Logan Peat
  • 8H Larry Henderson
  • 16H James Marshall
  • 24H Brad Philpott
  • 32H Jayden Dreadon-Manning
  • 43H Ethan Attenborough
  • 45H Matthew Shaw
  • 47H Mark Johnson
  • 51A Alistair Van Amsterdm
  • 52A Sam Van Amsterdam
  • 57H Justin Vincent
  • 67H Michael Rowe
  • 68H Bevan Nelson
  • 79H Norman Andersen
  • 88H Justin Hutchby
  • 97H Kacey Cheetham
  • 99H William Whyte
  • 361H Clinton Cheetham
  • 979H Shaun Jury

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