Pollock Cranes Superstock Teams Invitational

Pollock Cranes Superstock Teams Invitational

The third year of this super popular Superstock teams event will be held on November 20th 2021 where we see the launch of the Superstock Teams with their new liveries and new season driver line ups.

This is a must-watch event if you are a speedway fan of any class. If you have never seen a Superstock Teams race then you are in for a treat – essentially it is full contact, knock out racing where the team that gets past the post first goes through to the next round.

Four cars and two teams at a time race in a winner takes all, no holds barred assault upon each other. Superstocks Teams racing is where great friends off the track become fierce enemies on the track and do whatever they can (within the few rules) to disable the other team’s chances of getting across the line first!

This year we are likely to see the eight teams below showing up and putting it all on the line.

  • Waikato Wanderers – home track crowd favourites
  • Auckland Allstars
  • Kihikihi Kings
  • Bay Park Busters
  • Rotorua Rebels – current NZ Superstock Teams Champions
  • Stratford Scrappers
  • Gisborne Giants – Last years winners of this event
  • Palmerston North Panthers
Check out last years action thanks to Blakes Speedway

Aussie Spares Street Stock Showdown

If this night couldn’t get any better… we also have Aussie Spares Streetstock Showdown invitational

The 26 drivers that have currently racing are…

  • 124R Richard Watty
  • 55A Phil Mortensen
  • 75A Todd Neil
  • 199R Jaxon Whyte
  • 991R Steve Whyte
  • 68A Roy Water
  • 689A Shane Waldon
  • 89A Brandon Waldon
  • 33I Steve Drydon
  • 9B Phillip McNamara
  • 5A Colin Stevens
  • 6A Logan Carl
  • 51A Craig
  • 848R TBC
  • 858R Shane Bracken
  • 65A Jono Laauder
  • 7S Darren Jeffery
  • 10S Jason Dunn
  • 69W Morgan Strang
  • 9W Aaron Wilton
  • 37S Nick McGrath
  • 38S Roy McGrath
  • 12R Daniel Curran
  • 11R Steve de Malmanche
  • 16A Paul Payne
  • 49W Heath Holland

Ross Orr Memorial Stock Car Teams Race

More info to come!

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