Pollock Cranes Superstock Teams Invitation

The third year of this super popular Superstock teams event will be held on January 8th 2022 where we see the launch of the Superstock Teams with their new liveries and new season driver line ups.

This is a must-watch event if you are a speedway fan of any class. If you have never seen a Superstock Teams race then you are in for a treat – essentially it is full contact, knock out racing where the team that gets past the post first goes through to the next round.

Four cars and two teams at a time race in a winner takes-all, no holds barred assault upon each other. Superstocks Teams racing is where great friends off the track become fierce enemies on the track and do whatever they can (within the few rules) to disable the other team’s chances of getting across the line first!

This year we are likely to see the eight teams below showing up and putting it all on the line.

Unfortunately 2021 has been a tough one and the Waikato Wanderers are sitting this one out, but in their place are the amazing Wanganui Warriors who will not disappoint.

With less than a month between this event and Palmerston North NZ Superstock Teams Champs, the drivers will be wanting to prove their position in their respective team, so you can be sure to experience a massive night of stellar superstock teams action!

Auckland AllStars

Auckland Allstars

  • 33A Robbie Mabey
  • 66A Randal Tarrant
  • 72A Cody Mckee
  • 95A Gary Lonergan
  • 717A Tyson Wootton
  • 6th Driver Jamie Fergusson
AP Kings

AP Group Kings

  • 1NZ Asher Rees
  • 3NZ Mitch Vickery
  • 71K Shane Mellsop
  • 75K Gavin Taniwha
  • 147K Matt Nielsen
  • 6th Driver – Stefan Roigard
baypark busters

Baypark Busters

  • 19M Kerry Remnant
  • 29M Ryan Hunt
  • 38M Ross Ashby
  • 85M Dan Pollock
  • 272M Seth Mcconchie
  • Driver 6 TBC
Rotorua Rebels

Rotorua Rebels NZ Teams Champs

  • 7R Michael (Mig) Rumney
  • 10R Alan McRobbie
  • 14R AJ Axtens
  • 93R Gary Hunter
  • 638R Robbie Morris
  • 6th Driver – Brent Stewart
Scrappers logo

Stratford Scrappers

  • 28S Blair Uhlenberg
  • 72S Bevan Phillips
  • 75S Carl Shearer
  • 82S Hamish Booker
  • 84S Haydin Barker
  • 99S Blayke Adamson
  • 133S Tyler Walker
gisborne giants

Gisborne Giants

  • 5G Josh Prentice
  • 9G Jamie Hamilton
  • 10G Peter Rees
  • 127G Ethan Rees
  • 144G Tim Ross
  • 6th Driver – Scott Penn
Wanganui warriors LOGO

Wanganui Warriors

  • 6V Elias Dykstra
  • 23V Scott Duncan
  • 57V Dylan Marshall
  • 81V Max Holloway
  • 136V Maddie Wise
  • Reserve Driver – Kaelin Mooney
  • Team Manager – Cameron Jurgens
Panthers Demon Energy

Demon Energy Palmerston North Panthers

  • 52P Scott Joblin
  • 58P Peter Bengston
  • 88P Jack Miers
  • 94P William Humphries
  • 722P David Lowe
Check out last years action thanks to Blakes Speedway

Aussie Spares Street Stock Showdown

If this night couldn’t get any better… we also have Aussie Spares Streetstock Showdown invitational

The drivers that we have currently racing are…

  • 6a Logan Carl
  • 6G Gooch
  • 7S Darren Jeffery
  • 9B Phillip McNamara
  • 10S Jason Dunn
  • 11A Cody Te Rito
  • 11R Steve Delmanche
  • 12R Daniel Curran
  • 16A Paul Panye
  • 46B Brent Reddington
  • 51A Craig Anderson
  • 55A Phil Mortensen
  • 68A Rory Walters
  • 67R Blake Castleton
  • 72B Darren Welling
  • 75A Todd Neil
  • 89A Brandon Walden
  • 199R Jaxon Whyte
  • 689A Shane Walden
  • 858R Shane Bracken
  • 838R Luke Stedman
  • 911R Steve Whyte

Ross Orr Memorial Stock Car Teams Race

Stockcar Team competing for the Ross Orr Memorial are…

Waikato Raiders

  • 24H Brad Philpott
  • 27H Brett Aikin
  • 87H Nevin Shrubb
  • 361H Clinton Cheetham
  • 88H Justin Hutchby
  • Manager – Lance Moore

Rotorua Rascals

  • 19R Sam Pearson
  • 52R Mike Herbert
  • 87R Chris Shingleton
  • 735R Keegan Orr
  • 915R Hadley Dixon
  • Manager – Samual Ashton


  • 4H Josh Humble
  • 7H Hamish Whyte
  • 8H Larry Henderson
  • 14H Greg Capper-Conijn
  • 16H James Marshall
  • 26R Bryce Carter
  • 32H Jayden Dreadon-Manning
  • 43H Ethan Attenborough
  • 44R Shea Nicholson
  • 45A Corey Baker
  • 45H Matthew Shaw
  • 54G Nigel Hazelton
  • 57H Justin Vincent
  • 68H Bevan Nelson
  • 74H Travis Keenan
  • 79H Norman Andersen
  • 94R Samuel Murray
  • 97H Kacey Cheetham
  • 99H William Whyte
  • 454K Jessie Henderson
  • 914R Hazel Brown
  • 979H Shaun Jury

Onsite Camping Available

And a friendly reminder that under the NZ Government Traffic Light Framework, Huntly International Speedway is in an Orange Light Restricted Area which requires all Spectators Campers & Crew to present their vaccine pass for entry for events with over 100 people. We do not make the rules the New Zealand Government does and Huntly International Speedway must adhere to these rules and guidelines.

Livestream will be available from The Pits Media.

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