Stockcars – Club Night 27 Nov 2021

A smaller field this week for a club night, with more tracks running around the upper
North Island, a 13 of Huntly cars, and visitors Auckland registered, but Waikato resident cars 8A Logan Peat, 51A and 52A Alistair and Sam Van Amsterdam

Race 1
It was 16H James Marshall and 361H Clinton Cheetham off the front row,
Marshall took the initial lead until making a mistake passing the lead to Cheetham,
who also later made a mistake on a corner losing places, so he decided if he wasn’t
going to win he would have a bit of fun.
The next car to pass Chetham was 8A Logan Peat, Cheetham took him to the wall and in the same incident, James Marshall had a shot at Cheetham.
51A Alistair Van Amsterdam went on to take the win. 97H Kacey Cheetham 2nd & 8H Larry Henderson 3rd

Race 2
68H Bevan Nelson and 88H Justin Hutchby off the front row. Mid-race 16H
James Marshall took a shot at Nelson but the move backfired, Marshall got turned
around and also suffered a flat tyre and had to withdraw while Nelson carried on. 8A
Logan Peat took the win. 4H Josh Humble 2nd & 52A Sam Van Amsterdam 3rd

Race 3
99H William Whyte and 8A Logan Peat started off the front row. It was pretty
much a drag race from there, Peat streaking out in front with a good margin
meanwhile, it was the two Cheethams and 51A Van Amsterdam in a 3 way battle for
the minor placings.
Peat took the win. Clinton Cheetham 2nd & Alistair Van Amsterdam 3rd .

The night finished off with a friendly 4 vs 4 made up of Waikato Raiders members
and potential members.
On 1 side were the experienced 88H Justin Hutchby, 8H
Larry Henderson, 361H Clinton Cheetham and 16H driven by Brad Philpott.
On the other side were 99H William Whyte, 7H Hamish Whyte, 4H Josh Humble and 67H Michael Rowe.

The more experienced side taking the victory but it was by no means easily won, the
the lesser experienced side put up a good fight with some good blocking maneuvres and
a couple of good hits by Humble.

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